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Dimming solution

Dimming is the process of adjusting the brightness of a light source to a desired level. It can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as using a switch, adjusting the voltage or current supplied to the light source, or using a digital control system. Diming can provide a variety of benefits, including increased energy efficiency, extended bulb life, improved visual comfort, and the ability to create a variety of atmospheres and atmospheres in a space. In addition to its use in residential lighting, dimming is widely used in commercial and industrial settings, including office buildings, retail stores, hotels, and hospitals. It is also used in theatrical and entertainment environments to create a variety of lighting effects and atmosphere during the performances. In addition, there are many applications in the agricultural and livestock sector. Light is involved in the growth and flowering of plants, and in the case of spawning systems in poultry farms, light can cause a lot of stress, which can also affect the quality of eggs.

BMPARK Co., Ltd. and ELECS Korea Co., Ltd. provide the optimal dimming solution that customers want based on over a decade of accumulated technology. The following installation examples show unique dimming technology.

Installation - Examples

빌딩 외벽라이트
dimming building 간판
dimming building 8
dimming building 7
dimming outdoor light
dimming escalator light
dimming building
dimming building
dimming indoor light
dimming building 6
dimming outdoor window
dimming indoor ceiling
dimming indoor
dimming ceiling 3
dimming ceiling 2
dimming ceiling
dimming building4
dimming building3
dimming outdoor
dimming outdoor stage
dimming building2
dimming building
dimming stage


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